Monday, November 2, 2009

Not All Imps Are Demons... final chapter

Ian looked at Alisa as she walked out of the trees. The tiny soldiers followed her as if she had been their leader always. The Ruler turned towards them.
"What do you think you are going to do!?!? I will crush you all with a single wave of my Talons!!"
The soldiers stopped where they were. Fear filled their eyes as each of them had once felt the terrible anger of the Ruler.
"Don't back away from him!!" It was Alisa that spoke out. "He thrives, no, he lives on your fears. His strength is only as much as you allow him to have. He has no control over you unless you give it to him. I have a secret! A secret that even Ian could not go deep enough into my mind to find. And You, Demon, know what it is!"
"Do not toy with me, woman! I will cut you down as I have so many before you. If that isn't enough for you, then I will kill another you love... just as I did to Mark! Would you like a replay of that death before I kill you?!?!?!?"
The Demon reached back and grabbed Ian by the throat. "Do you wish to watch this one die? Pity you could not have been there to see the other."
Ian struggled to free himself but the Demons hold was to tight. He could feel his life ebbing away.
"He may die today, Demon, but with his death will be our victory! I can not stop what you do to him and though I Love him with my heart and soul, your death is the most important death here today."
The Demon tossed Ian to the sand. Ian gasped for air as he watched the monster creature walking towards Alisa. "Run... please Alisa, run!!!"
"I will not run any more Ian. This Demon has taken enough from me. I will NOT allow him to take any more from me. The Secret, Demon. Shall I tell them all the secret that Mark embedded in my heart before he died?"
The Demon growled and slime dripped from it's teeth. He reached out with his Talons and ripped through Alisa body. Huge gaping wounds opened and blood poured out from her body. Ian screamed out.
"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!! Damn you monster!!!!!!!!! I will kill you myself!"
As Ian stood to attack, he saw Alisa walking towards the Demon. He watched and could not believe what he was seeing. Alisa's wounds were healing as she walked towards the Demon. The Demon himself seemed shocked and confused.
"How is it that you heal in this way!??? It is not possible!!!"
"It is possible Demon. You are seeing it happen before your eyes. You see, Mark discovered the way to destroy you. That is why you wanted me. That is why you needed your "goodies" back. He knew that if one did not fear you, you would cease to exist. You would be returned to the true Ruler of Hades and He would then deal with you in his way. I, have over-come you Demon. I no longer fear you, therefore you do not exist."
As Alisa spoke, the tiny soldiers began to change. The grew in size a little at a time. The Demon stepped back from them.
"You Do fear me!!! You know I can destroy ALL of you!!!! I will not be defeated, not by You or anyone else! I am the Ruler-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!"
As the soldiers reached full size again, they stepped forward in Unison. The leader, Imel, and three others reached down and took the boat in their hands. They lifted it up and tossed it into the fire behind the Demon.
"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!! You fools! Do you know what you have done????? You will bring the Master here now! HE will kill you all!!!"
"I don't think so Demon. We are of no worries to him right now. I think he wants You!!!!"
Suddenly, out of the fire rose a creature that dwarfed even the Demon. His face was never seen, but his arms reached out of the flames. His legs were that of a Goat. His hands were filled with razor sharp talons, longer than that of the Demon. When he spoke, his voice shook the ground.
"Beltheania... you have caused me much grief! I tire of your antics and your wish to rule. I myself did the same eons ago. Long before any of you were even conceived in my mind! I was cast out and made to live beneath the worlds created by he who is the creator. I need not speak his name! I have little time for you any more and no need of these mortals at this time. They have overcome their fears and therefore are under the creators covering... for now! You will steal from me no more, Beltheania! I cast you away into the fires to exist, No more."
In a single hand swoop, the Demon was gone. Only his screams could be heard as the fires of Hell consumed him. And then, the fire was gone. Satan spoke to Alisa and the soldiers.
"I can not touch any of you for you are under "His" covering for now. Do not ever think me gone. I am always near to try and take your soul. But I cursed you Atlantis, long ago, for your part in destroying many of my demons. You Will return to the bottom of the Ocean until you find a way to defeat me. This is Your curse. As for you, woman and your man, you may return to your land. I have no hold on you. I am finished here... For Now!!!!!"
In an instant, he was gone. The soldiers all gathered around Ian and Alisa. Ian touch her in his arms and kissed her deeply. "I love you, Alisa. I always have."
"And I love you, Ian, always and forever."
Imel walked over to them. "I don't want to interrupt but the waters are already covering the beach. If you don't get into the boat, you will be pulled down with us."
"Is there anything we can do to help you, Imel?"
"Thank you, Ian, but this is a curse we must continue to try and free ourselves of. This medallion will give you safe passage to our home under the sea should you ever wish to see us again. Do not let it fall into any ones hands."
"Where did you get this, Imel."
Imel smiled at Alisa. With a wink he answered. "We too have "friends" in higher places. God speed to you both and his blessings on you. Perhaps one day we will meet again on the surface world."
Ian and Alisa left in the boat. They watched as the Island slowly disappeared beneath the ocean. Where the island had once been, with in minutes was calm seas.
"Do you think they will ever be released from the curse, Ian?"
"Well, we learned that just because they were Imps, it did not make them demons. Perhaps once they learn that, they will free themselves. I am thankful to Mark for the strength and courage he gave to you. He will always be remembered.
Alisa wrapped her arms around Ian's arm. Her tears wet his shirt sleeve as the boat continued across the vast ocean. He held her close and laughed to himself.
"What is so funny, Ian?"
"I just noticed something. There is no-one steering the boat."
"Well love, not that You can see." She smiled and winked at him. Ian... said nothing.

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