Monday, November 2, 2009

Not All Imps Are Demons... Part 3

Ian woke to find himself sitting in his car. He wondered how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was the closet door exploding in his face. The tapping he thought was coming from his head he now realized was coming from outside of the car. He looked out the window, straight into the face of a police officer. "Great," he mumbled to himself.
"Are you alright, Sir?"
Ian stared at the cop for a moment. He wondered exactly how was supposed to answer that question. He sure wasn't going to tell him he was attacked by a bunch of tiny men from Atlantis. He wasn't really in the mood to be locked up right now.
"I am fine, Officer. Just grabbing a cat nap in between houses. I umm sell Real Estate."
"Did you mean to leave the door open at your last place?" The officer pointed at Alisa's house. Ian looked at the open door.
"Actually Sir, I was going to call someone concerning that house. I was suppose to show it today but it looks as if someone has been inside of it already. Would you mind going in there with me?"
"I can do that, as long as you give the o.k."
Ian nodded and he and the officer walked to house. He had no intention on going back inside by himself. As the officer walked in, he turned and looked at Ian.
"You have not been inside this house yet today, Sir?"
"Yes, I was for a moment but when I saw the mess, I decided to call the owners before looking around too much."
"You say you were going to give someone a call?"
"Yes, I tried to call the owner but she has not returned my call yet."
"I can send a car over to where-ever she is and bring her here."
"Well she is a sales Rep for a stationary company, so she is always on the go. All I can do is wait for her to call back."
"This appears to be a crime scene so I am going to ask you to stay outside until I get it called in."
"I would really like it if you would just do a walk through with me real quick. I left my note pad and folder in the kitchen."
Suddenly Ian's phone rang. He had no doubt as to who it would be. Did he answer it and chance the officer hearing a strange conversation? If he didn't answer it, Alisa might be in terrible danger. He knew he had to take the call.
"Hello Alisa. Where are you?"
"Listen to me, Ian. If that cop goes inside the house with you, he is going to be hurt. You have got to keep him outside!"
How did she know what was happening at the house. There had to be someone watching his every move. Forgetting about the cop standing behind him, Ian began asking questions.
"How the hell do you know what is happening at this house!?! I need some answers and I need them now!"
"I told you they weren't just demons in my head! I tried to tell you that so many times! You wouldn't listen to me Ian!"
"Tiny men did not carry me out to my car, Alisa!!! You need to tell me what is going on here! I can not help you unless you are honest with me!"
"I have been honest with you. You just have not been listening to me Ian!"
"Honest??? Really? You said that Mark had not taken anything from these little Imps! You said you didn't know anything! Then, you tell me he DID take things. I found the articles, Alisa. I know the truth about the find! What I do not know is what else you are keeping from me!"
"Excuse me Sir."
Ian spun around and looked right into the face of the officer he had forgotten was with him. He could feel the blood drain from his brain all through his body.
"Maybe you need to explain a few things before we go into this house. Why don't you step over to my car."
"Yes, yes. That is perfect Ian. Keep him out of the house and he and you will both be safe. You must come and save me. I need you Ian. Please come and save me."
"Where are you, Alisa? I can't save you unless you tell me where you are."
"I am at the Ocean at dock 31. Come there as soon as you can, Ian. I Need you here."
"Sir, is that the owner of this house? Let me talk to her!"
"I am your doctor, Alisa. I am nothing more. I need to send the police to find you."
"Sir, I want some answers Now!"
"I am her doctor... her therapist. She is not well and i am trying to find her."
"And the tiny men that Didn't carry you to your car? Are they your patients also?"
Ian looked at the cop. He knew this was not going to be easy to explain.
"Alisa, I need a little time to get things settled here. Call me back soon."
"Alright Mr., enough of this." The cop grabbed his handcuffs and got one on Ian's wrist. Ian broke away in a panic and ran into the house. The cop followed Ian inside. As he entered, the door suddenly slammed behind them both. The cop turned to look at the closed door. A look of confusion came over his face. He turned back towards Ian.
"I am going to find out what is going on here! You have some questions to answer Mr. and I don't really care where we do that! If you try to run again, I Will shoot you! Am I clear!?"
"Believe me Officer, that isn't as big of a threat as you might think it is."
Ian heard the laughter again. He wondered if he were the only one to hear it. His answer came quickly.
"What the hell was that? Is there somebody else in this house?"
As soon as he had asked the question, things began to happen. The sound of laughter got louder. Books began falling of of shelves. Pots and pans were being flung through the kitchen by an unseen force. The officer stood still, his mouth wide open and his eyes suddenly filled with fear. One of the frying pans made it's way from the kitchen to the living room where the two men stood. It struck the officer hard in the side of hos face. One second later, the officer laid at Ian's feet, blood flowing freely from the huge gash in his head. The man lay bleeding to death at Ian's feet. Ian leaned down to try and stop the bleeding. No longer a whisper or laughter, Ian heard a voice from behind him.
"Leave him be. You were warned to keep him out of here. His blood is on your hands. And now Your blood... shall be on ours!"

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