Monday, November 2, 2009

The River Princess... Part 1

Melanie wasn't the jealous type. Why would she be. She had it all. A father that owned half the town and a mother that owned the other half. She had hair that was perfectly colored... Auburn and full enough to make Rupunzzel jealous. Her emerald eyes dance when she was happy and turned a dark green when she was not. Not to ever forget legs and a butt that filled out a pair of Levi's like a sweet fitting glove. "Hell," she said out loud to no one but herself, "Mirrors follow You around lady, just so they can be the one to have your reflection." She laughed at herself and then frowned again. "Jealous...hardly?! So why am I so upset that Shaun took that bimbo to the movies? IS he blind!?" She waved her hand in front of her eyes.
Shaun Turner... the boy every girl wanted. He was 6'4", cold black hair, baby blues that looked right through you and that ohhh so adorable Elvis smile. The only thing he did not have that Melanie had was the knowing that he WAS gorgeous. He thought himself just an average guy. there was one other thing he did not have. He didn't have Melanie, though that sure wasn't her fault. Her father had disapproved of him from the time they were kids. Why? Simple. She was rich and elegant and he was... the son of a beach bum. Johnathon Kendall built business's and men like Bobby Turner worked in them. It was just a fact, Melanie's father had taught her.
But still, Melanie pursued him for 15 years, all through school and beyond. She didn't even know if she wanted to keep him. But she definately wanted the chance to toss him when she was finished with him. She would make her move completely when the company his father worked for went over seas to start another factory. The company her father owned.
"For the last time, Melanie, please tell me why you would want to go to a place that is sub-standard!? I do not understand it at all!?"
"Daddy, I told you already. It will look good on my application for Miss U.S.A., remember?"
"Sweetheart," her father said in that tone she hated. The one that sounded like begging but was really demand. "You don't need anything but your mothers looks and my money to win that thing. Stay here and help some shelter or homeless person. That will work as well. I will even set it up for you."
"No Daddy, I want to go on This trip! If I can't I will be stressed and then I'll break out and then your daughter will have zit's from one side of her face to..."
"Oh, oh, good God... you don't have to be so nasty and graphic all the time!" He waved his arms at her. "Do what you want because you will anyways! But by God, Girl, this IS the last time! Do you understand me!?!?"
"Yes Daddy" she said in her best "daddy's girl" voice. She was packed and ready to go in less than an hour. The chauffer drove her to her daddy's private jet where Shaun and his father were taking off from. She walked to them and smiled at Shaun.
"What are you doing here, Princess?" That was the name Shaun had called her since grade school. She was never sure if it was a mock or term of endearment. She chose the latter one, of course.
"Oh, daddy insisted I go along this time, you know, to get to know the business and over-see things. I can't fight City Hall," she said with a million dollar smile. "You don't mind, do you Shaun?" She pouted her lip out and swayed from side to side.
"I don't care, Mel, just don't get in the way." Mel was the name he used when he reallly didn't want to talkk to her.
Melanies eyes turned dark green as she looked at him. She turned with a huff and walked away, murmerig under her breath. "By the end of this trip, Shaun Turner, you will be begging for me to "be in your way!"
The flight was uneventful for the first few hours. Melanie sat as close to Shaun as she could and moved in every way she could to catch his eye. She saw him looking her way a few times when she was polishing her toe-nails. This wouldn't take long at all and he would be begging to be with her. Four hours into the flight, Melanie was shook from her sleep when the plane lunged to one side and then to the other side. She thought maybe they had landed. Looking out the window, all she could see was darkness. Darkness mixed with bright flashes of lightening. She screamed out and moved next to Shaun.
"Are we going to crash!? What is going on out there!?"
Shaun was gentle when he spoke. "I don't know Princess. We are in the middle of a bad storm. Hopefully, your daddy didn't under-bid for the pilots like he did everything else in life."
It was cruel and harsh, but sadly, Melanie knew he was right. The plane took one more lunge to the right and then began falling. The nose went face down and they all fell forward into the tiny aisle. Melanie could hear the pilots yelling back to them.
"Try and get into your seats and buckle. We are going to try to land this jet as softly as we can. Our instruments are out. We have no clue where we are going to land. Just hold on tight!"
Melanie saw the tree-tops before she felt the impact. There was no time to do anything but pray and she realized she didn't even know how to do that.
"You make your own way in this world, Melanie! Remember that! Don't give thanks to someone up in the sky when your hard work and smart thinking made it happen!" She could hear her father's words yelling to her over and over, embedding it into her brain. Now, she didn't even have prayer. The last thing she remembered was a man covering her body as they hit the ground with full impact. She looked up into the face of Shaun's father, protecting her body from the crash with his own. And then... everything went dark.

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