Monday, November 2, 2009

Not All Imps Are Demons... Part 5

Ian watched as the tiny soldiers surrounded the police officer. The blood that had been lost told Ian that there was no one the Officer could be alive. The soldiers closed in around the body until it was covered in them. All Ian could see was his shows. The soldiers began to glow and as they did, Ian watched in awe as the blood from the floor slowly seeped under the officers body. As more blood disappeared, Ian saw the officers foot began to twitch. The glowing subsided and the soldiers moved away from the body. The leader stuck what appeared to be a needle inside the officers ear. The officers eyes fluttered and then opened. He laid motionless, breathing calmly.
He will be fine now. He will not remember anything. We need to go now before he fully wakes. We have done what you asked. Now you must come with us."
"Where are we going?"
"To see Alisa. Hopefully, we are not too late."
"To late for what?"
"The one that gave us our superior minds wants his things back. Without them, He has only half of his powers."
"Where does he come from? IS he one of you?"
"He is NOT one of us. He comes from very deep in the earths core. He lives in fire and dwells in the hottest volcano under the sea. We don't know his origin. We know only that he can destroy us should he chose to do so."
"If the things that Mark took made him weaker, why would you want to give them back to him? Wouldn't it be better to destroy him while he is weak?"
"Even weakened, his size and strength are to powerful for us to harm. He rules our world and we dare not raise our arms against him."
"What did Mark take that was so important to him?"
"Inside one of the boxes in the boat is a tiny medallion. The medallion was made from hells own pits. If we are to touch it, the power would cause our tiny bodies to explode. Only he can touch it. But many want it and so we keep it safe for him. By doing so, he allows us to live."
"So this thing is some kind of demon?"
"He is what we have become. HE is an Imp."
"The same thing as a demon where I come from."
"You must understand something Ian. Demons obey their ruler, Satan. Imps are rouges that went off on their own to rule. They are of little concern to Satan as he has all the servants he needs. They are free to do as they please as long as they don't interfere with Satan's tasks. Just because something looks bad or evil, that does not make it a demon. We would go back to our side of the Island if we could but we were banished after we did the deeds asked of us."
"So you began as rouges or became them as you did the deeds?"
"We were once good men, just like the rest of Atlantis. We took things into our own hands when we realized that the Islands might be in peril. This was our payment."
"What do you need me for? I have no special strengths or powers."
"We hope you can reach into Alisa's mind and find where Mark hid the things we need. In doing that, we can make our ruler calm and perhaps things will go back to quiet for a while."
"Let's go find Alisa and see what we can do."
~~~ On an Island off the Atlantic Ocean~~~
"Perhaps this could all be fixed if you would simply tell me where your thieving mate took my boxes, Alisa. I will just turn you loose and everyone will be happy."
"What could anything My husband took from you cause you to destroy everything I have?"
"It is of no concern to you. The only thing you need to worry about is getting it back to me."
"I told you... I have told you all that I do NOT know where this stuff you want is!!!"
The waters around Alisa began to shimmer. Waves splashed onto the shore where she sat. She could see the water turn red and boil where an under water Volcano seemed to be erupting. Anger was in the eyes of the creature in front of her. Alisa felt the sting of heat on her cheek as he reached out to touch her face.
"You do know, little one!!!!!!!!!!!" His voice thundered across the shore, causing the Palms to lean and bend, almost as if they were trying to get away from him. "You DO know and you WILL tell me soon. My patience wears extremely thin."
Alisa coward as far back against the trees as she could. She wanted Ian here with her. She wanted Mark beside her. She knew one was gone for ever. She wondered about the second one. She wondered in her heart if Ian had survived the on-slaught of the Imps at the house. She wanted to hear his voice, to know he was alright.
"You want to hear Ian's voice, little one??? I can help you with that."
"Please, yes, I want to hear him! I need to him!!!"
"Then listen."
Suddenly, Alisa's ears were filled with screaming. Not just any scream but screams associated with great pain. Her eyes welled up with tears as she listened to the sounds. She could hear words mixed inside the screaming. She strained her ears to try and filter out the screaming so she could hear what was being said. her heart sped up as she heard the words and she felt as if her heart were being torn from her chest. She tried to block the sounds now. Her hands went as tight to her ears as she could, but the sounds were Inside her head and could not be silenced by mere hands covering the ears. She could only listen, and Cry...
"Help me Alisa!!! Please help me! It hurts so bad! Tell them, tell them what they need to know!!!! Please, if you care... if you love me as I do you, tell them all you know!!!!"
Alisa crumpled into the sand. Her whole body shook as she tried desperately to block the sound of Ian's voice from her head. She reached as deep into her soul as she could. Slowly, she began to remember.

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