Monday, November 2, 2009

The River Princess... Part 3

"Sir, I have their security commander on the phone. He wants to talk with you."
"Give me that phone, Mark! I have a few things to say to him!"
"Please Mr. Kendall, remember... they are friendly to us. We need their industry as well as their purchases from the U.S."
"I am aware of what they are to us! Just give me that phone." Mark, who was Johnathon's front man, handed the phone to Johnathon. He knew all to well not to cross this man, if, that is you liked your job.
"This is John Kendall. Who am I speaking too?"
"This is Commander Cortes. I understand your daughter is in our jungle somewhere. I wish to offer my help in any way."
"I want her found now! That jungles of yours is no place for the heir of my estate! How hard can it be to find a girl and 4 other people!?"
"Four you say? Who are the others?"
"Well, the plane did not fly itself so there are 2 pilots and a worker of mine and his son out there also.I am in flight to your country now! I expect to be picked up and then taken to my daughter when I arrive!"
"And what of the others? If we find your daughter, what would you ask us to do with them!?"
"I don't care! Put them some place and I will send another jet to pick them up. My daughter is first priority! Do i make myself clear!?"
"Yes you do but I will say that the people of the jungle are a fierce people. We do not engage in combat with them unless they come to our area of the jungle. I am reluctant to stir a fire up where there is already smoke. It is a saying we have that means..."
"I know what it means, just get my daughter!"
Johnathon searched the approaching jungle with his eyes, trying desperately to see Melanie. All he could see was Jungle, as far as the naked eye could see. He wondered if maybe had he been a little less demanding with his daughter, maybe she would never have gone on this trip. He had not thought long enough when he had spoken to Melanie last time. He knew he was hard on her sometimes but he wanted her to be able to survive in the world as best she could. His plane began to ascend and he prepared to meet the Commander. Johnathon Kendall would be a force to be reckoned with!
Melanie struggled to fend off the touching of her skin by these people. Who were these men that they could touch her at will!? The ladies of the tribe clothed and readied her for whatever it was that they were getting her ready for. She worried about Shaun and what she could do to save him from certain death in the morning. She wanted to know if the native girls could talk English.
"I" she said, pointing to her self... "am Melanie Kendall. I am worth a lot of money of you can help me and my friend to get away. I really need your help, please?"
"We speak your language and we understand your words but we can not help you. We need you to bring good things to our land. I would wish to free you but then, they would kill all of us."
"Please-e-e-e-e-e-ee, just let me slip away. It is the only way for me to live."
"You will live forever when our medicine works on you. It is a gift we all have cherished here."
"A gift? What sort of gift?"
"We live forever because of our medicine."
"How old are you?"
"I have lived for seven generations. I have many children and great children and their children's children. It is eternal if something does not take our lives. A tiger or the outside man's guns. You will also bring many children to our people and they will blend in with the outside colors so that we can take back all that is ours."
"You people are nuts! You need to get out of the jungle more often. I am not going to make anything for your people and certainly Not babies!"
The curtain to the hut opened and the old man stood in the door-way. Melanie stepped back to the back wall of the hut.
"You are prepared now. I shall present you to the men of our people and they shall take you as their princess. You will be placed on the river in a large boat and they shall make new with you."
"I will not make new with anyone and if you try to touch me, I will kill you!!!"
The women in the hut gasped. They ran past her, shouting things that Melanie had no clue of what they meant.
"You are sent to us to be our River Princess. The water shall rise and the Crocodile will accept you as ours. It is the way it is meant to be."
"Look Doc, I am NOT your princess and I am Not going to meet some Croc God! I am Melanie Kendall and my father is going to kill you!"
The old man walked out with the curtain still opened. Melanie walked out behind him. She watched him motion for the men to do something. She watched as they brought Shaun out of a hut. She screamed and cried aloud when she saw him. Naked except for a loin cloth, his chest had been pierced with needles. His hands had shoots of wood in the palms and his face was bruised everywhere. He looked up at Melanie through blood shot eyes. She ran to him without anyone trying to stop her.
"Oh God, Shaun... I am so sorry for this. God i love you so much and I have been so cruel and wrong. Please forgive me for everything. I will be a new girl if we get out of this. Please stay with me."
"Melanie," he spoke with a weak voice. "I won't leave you. I love you, nasty girl and all. We have to get out of here somehow. As you can see, I am a little "strapped" right now." Shaun smiled a weak smile and touched her cheek.
"We will find a way, Shaun... I promise you."
Melanie was pulled away from Shaun by two men. She was stood in front of the old man.
"Are you ready to go to the river?"
She looked back at Shaun and then stood up straight. "I will go to the river and bring great things to you. I have watched to see that you are true to your people. Now you will do for me as I do for you. I Am your Princess and the river is my home!"
Shaun watched as Melanie spoke and moved around the people. "You all saw me come from the sky! You know I am your River Princess! I will bring more fire from the sky if you do not heed my words!"
The people suddenly turned to her and bowed down. "We are your people, River Princess. What do you wish for us to do?"
"Free this ignorant creature that the skies sent to take me. He has no strength and no will left. He is no danger to us anymore. Free him and let the jungle take him away. The Tiger will not feed on our own for that."
One of the people spoke out. "See, she knows of the tigers and their fierceness. We must do as she asked."
"No!" The response was from the old man. "She is our River Princess but I am still King. The man is needed to appease the river or it will swallow our Princess. Take him to the edge and kill him. His blood will tell the Crocodile that we have a princess! This Will be done!"
Melanie heard a sound from the tree-tops. It was a plane. No doubt, her fathers plane and he would be here soon. The plane drew nearer and she thought to use the sounds of it engine.
"I will then bring another God down to you and he will be bigger than me. You will hear his roar in a moment." She stood silent and prayed the plane would go over them soon. The trees blew and the ground shook from the vibrations of the planes roar. The men of the tribe stopped walking and set Shaun down. They tried to hide their eyes from an unseen enemy. The old man was angered. He walked to where Shaun was and raised a knife to the sky. He began thrusting it downward towards Shaun's bare chest. The knife touched Shaun's chest and then the old man stopped and smiled.

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