Monday, November 2, 2009

Not All Imps Are Demons... Part 1

It only moved once, she was sure. Like a snake through leaves, the rug had moved itself across the floor by an inch. Ian observed her from his chair. Though she was not his most "neurotic" patient, she was definitely in the running for first place. Alisa had come to him less than a year ago. A beautiful young lady, she appeared the very well dressed, well minded business lady she had introduced herself as. It was months later that he discovered she was none of those things.
"You must have seen that, Doctor Lansing. It was so obvious. Tell me you did!"
"I am sorry Alisa, I really didn't see anything. What is it I was supposed to see?"
"The rug!? The freaking rug moved across the floor! You must have been looking away!"
"Perhaps. Or it could be what we have talked about so many times. This could be..."
"Another illusion!? Another trick of my mind. Doctor!?!? Can't you come up with something a little more original?"
"You seem especially agitated today, Alisa. Did something happen that you would like to talk about?"
"You mean like the rug Not moving!?"
Ian stared at Alisa. She was truly a beautiful woman. Her long cold black hair flowed over her shoulders like a cascading waterfall. It fell on the beginnings of perfectly full breasts that accentuated her body. Her long slender legs, crossed at the knees, never stopped swinging from side to side. She had huge doe like eyes that stared through a person as if she could see their soul. And when she spoke, it was like saying "come to my place" every time. Ian reminded himself every visit that he was her therapist and she... was his patient. How he wished it could be different.
"When you came to me a year ago, you told me that there were... things, that followed you. They moved things in your home while you slept and destroyed your house when you would go out. For this reason, you stopped leaving your home. That seemed to help a little, although you said that they began to do damage while you slept. Is this still on-going?"
"They seem to be getting worse now. Last night,which is why I called you, they took every candle I had and placed them in my bathtub. They lit them all and almost burned my house down. I don't know what to do."
"The house seems fine to me now. Are you sure that..."
"Of course it looks fine Now! I cleaned up when you said you were coming over."
Alisa's head jerked to the side. She stared down at the rug that was near her feet. "There! I told you! They are trying to get the rug under me so they can pull it out. They are mean, Doctor... except for Lily."
"Lily? You have never mentioned her, or that any of them have names."
"Of course they have names. Everyone has a name, Doctor."
As Ian thought, suddenly a shade in the bathroom fell to the floor. He turned and swore he had caught a glimpse of something moving under the sink. It was gone as quick as it was there. He turned back to see Alisa smiling. It was a smile that sent chills down his spine. She looked almost evil herself.
"Get a grip, Ian. You are letting this stuff freak you out, and Doctors don't freak. Patients do," he thought silently. "Your cat, I assume?"
"I don't own a cat, Doctor. Want to try again?"
Her stare was extreme and Ian shifted in his chair. "Maybe the wind then."
"With the window closed? Why are you so adamant about Not believing me?"
"Alisa" he stammered, "tiny people that move things around in the night do not exist."
"They do exist, Doctor!"
"Only in your mind and yes, yes, I believe that You believe they are real but they are not! That is what we are working on here. I thought we were making some progress."
"We cant make any progress unless you accept that the Atlantians are real!"
"Atlatians?" Well, we will talk more about them but first, you need to show me your pills. I need to make sure you are taking them."
"I am taking them."
"Alisa, you know the rules. If I don't See the pills, you will have to go into the hospital for a while. You don't want that, do you?"
Alisa reached behind her, never taking her eyes off of Ian. She handed him the bottle. Ian counted the remaining pills and then gave her the bottle back.
"Good, it appears you have been taking them as prescribed. Please continue to do so. As for the issues of last night, perhaps you need to get out of the house and get some Sunlight. It might help to clear your mind."
"I don't need sunlight, Doctor. I need my house to be mine again!"
Ian stood to leave. As he walked towards the door, he heard a sound behind him. It was more of a whisper and he turned to look at Alisa. The voice he heard could have been Alisa. What frightened him a bit was that it also, could not have been.
"Did you say something, Alisa?"
She stared at him for a moment and then smiled. This smile was as sweet as an angels smile. Her eyes spoke silently to him and he again, reminded himself of his profession.
"No Doctor," she answered in a sultry voice. "You must be hearing things."
Ian felt a sting on his ankle and instinctively slapped at it. He raised his pant leg a little and saw the red mark. It hurt terribly.
"Are you alright Doctor?"
Ian looked at Alisa. Again, his body went cold. "Yes, yes, I am fine, thank you. Just a mosquito I suspect. Have a good day and call me if you need me." Ian could not get the door open fast enough. He was outside and heard the door close behind him. He listened carefully. Was that laughter he heard coming from Alisa's house?

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